To ensure the highest quality resetting, the experts at James and Sons are proud to utilize a laser welding machine. As a family-run, independent jeweler, our stores offer a wide selection of quality diamonds, jewelry and watches from the best brands in the business. Our commitment to providing our customers with a fun and professional experience is never ending. Griffith customers can always count on us for all of their jewelry needs and we hope you’ll stop in soon!

For more than four decades, James & Sons Fine Jewelers has helped celebrate life’s special moments. Who can you trust to handle your jewelry with the care and attention to detail it deserves? James and Sons is your trusted source for all repair and resetting! When it comes to local jewelry stores, Griffith customers will find that our repair and resetting services outshine all the competition. The result is that you generally can’t even tell work has been done! This preserves your jewelry and its value unlike any other process!

If you have jewelry in need of repair or resetting, whether Assistive Tools Suppliers it’s a new but damaged Chicago engagement ring or an antique family heirloom, trust the experts here at James and Sons, your preferred jewelry stores. This high-tech machine is used in place of a torch, which would use a high heat flame to join metal together. Since there is very little heat generated at the melt point, the jeweler can weld within ½ to 1 millimeter of heat sensitive areas. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and hope to develop a long lasting relationship with you.

As for the high-tech laser machine, this technology joins metal together with a focused light beam which melts a very small area of the metal. Jewelry specialist uses special machine to ensure perfection

When you make an investment in a piece of fine jewelry such as a Chicago engagement ring, it’s important to care for and maintain this piece throughout its lifetime. A torch is safe in about 90% of repair and resetting procedures, but it’s not always the best option since the heat can be harmful to fragile stones.

Today we’d like to share with you the reasons why our services stand out.


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February 2020
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Pallet Strapping Machines are an economical way to unitize your product to your pallet. Pallet wrapping does not always keep the load unitized. Pallet strapping ensures that your load will stay on its skid, even if the truck or other mode of transportation brakes suddenly. Manual Pallet Strapping is very time consuming. It can take between 2 and 5 minutes for each strap when strapping by hand. On average, these machines can cut that time by 60-90%.